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biru puzzle : skyscraper game for Android biru puzzle : skyscraper game for Android

Biru puzzle (FREE game)

A skyscraper game within time limit

What will you do in the next 2 minutes ? Why not challenge yourself on Biru puzzle skyscraper ?
Complete a maximum number of grids in a given time.

Simple to understand, difficult to master

Biru is a skyscrapers game adaptation. As a classic skyscrapers the object of Biru puzzle is to place a building in each square, so that no two buildings in a row or column have the same number of floors . In addition, the number of visible buildings, as viewed from the direction of each clue, is equal to the value of the clue.

Biru puzzle skyscraper has 3 levels of difficulty (X3, X4 and X5 grid).

Kids friendly

The first level is ideal for introducing children to skyscrapers, sudoku or puzzle games in general.

Enjoy Biru !

Download it for free at Google play or Amazon appstore !