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Stealth Hero : Infiltration game for android Stealth Hero : Infiltration game for android

Stealth Hero (FREE game)

Put your nerves to the test in this exiting Stealth game !

Your are "Insider Will", a member of specials forces and expert in infiltration missions.
This time you will have to accomplish one of the most difficult job of your carreer : go through all of the 60 halls of a high security complex to pick up a secret code.

Camera, mouvement sensor, light sensor, drone and others laser beam are waiting for you ... Go carefully, check and use your environment to progress.

As an "Insider" you bring with you the latest and fastest technology to assist you in your stealth mission :
- A stealth suit that improve your velocity and has capacity to make you invisible to all detection system,
- Infra-ray glasses that makes you able to see fields of sight and laser beam,
- A suit-embedded special laser sighting launcher with which you can send yours helpers as listed below,
- Grapples and cables to go over obstacles,
- Orientable mini camera to see where you can't,
- Power charges to deactivate detection systems when necessary !

Play this game in a row, just for fun, with the risk to restart from the beginning in case systems spotted you ... Or use backup keys to save your position and progress in the game.

Enjoy Stealth Hero !

Download it for free at Google play !